Image Recognition for Selenium

EyeSel is an image recognition plugin for Selenium WebDriver. Selenium can now be used for visual verifications or to locate and interact with widgets that are impossible to access using the Selenium WebDriver API.



Visual Verifications

Perform verifications in Selenium WebDriver by visually comparing the expected result with the actual.

Locate and Trigger Widgets

Locate and trigger widgets using images. Capture images using EyeAutomate or your favourite screen grabber.

Automate Unsupported Plugins

Automate Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight and other browser plugins that are not supported by Selenium.

Enhances Your Existing Setup

Works in your existing Selenium WebDriver/Grid environment. Simple API with only one library to include. Available for Java and Python. Ruby, Julia and C# coming soon.


*Please read instructions before installing EyeSel.