Be-metrics – People Counter

Indicate through your display window how many persons are in your store and the maximum amount permitted. Make your customers feel save by letting them know the occupancy status of your store.

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Keep track of your costumers

Be-metrics People Counter helps to keep track of shoppers inside stores utilizing a camera sensor to count persons entering and exiting specific areas with high accuracy.

Monitoring with flexibility

Monitor your customers easily with the visual wireless controller unit. The device includes a screen that displays the number of persons in real-time, a set of buttons to increase/decrease the counter and a set of 3 LED alert you silently of the level of occupancy.

Easy to integrate

Integrate additional sensors and visualize the freshest data with a live dashboard to get insights about what drives your visitors.

Quick to install

No need for licensed intaller, People Counter is fast and easy to set up yourself.

Cost effective

Developed from scratch to be cost-effective, which makes it easy to scale according to your needs.