Visual Script Runner Service

EyeScout records and learns from manual test sessions. The system keeps track of coverage and issues and can estimate the quality of the app so that you know when to stop testing. It can even learn how to regression test or explore automatically.



Run Scripts from Anywhere

Scripts can be triggered or scheduled to run from EyeStudio, EyeScout, a web browser or any other web enabled application, like Jenkins or TeamCity.

View the Current Status

The Dashboard reveals the current status of all automated or manual test runs. Issues, estimated feature coverage and estimated product quality are also estimated and visualized.

Maintain Scripts from EyeStudio

Edit, run or record scripts and capture images directly from EyeStudio using the Remote Connection. Images, scripts and data will be synchronized with other team members.

Remembers and Learns

The EyeServer stores and learns from every test session. The knowledge about your system is updated automatically using advanced machine learning.


*Please read instructions before installing EyeServer.